About us

Located in the community hall of the former Abbotsford Nestlé factory site, the heritage-listed building illuminates a history of Sydney that is foreign to many. The outdoor verandah with alfresco seating provides idyllic views of the surrounding gardens perfect for the kids to play while inside boasts a grand, light and airy space.

The Cove Dining Co is lovingly decorated by Aster Flowers and Styling check the website if you are in need of some beautiful Flowers or Styling https://www.instagram.com/asterflowersandstyling/

We use the wonderfully talented Graphic Design Team at Foxheart to do our design including all our Flyers and posters check out the Website  www.foxheart.com

We are a small family run business aiming to provide relaxed dining in a friendly and comfortable environment. We prepare almost everything onsite including our own Smoked goods, Cheese, Jam etc. We use quality Free Range and Organic ingredients. We are fully licensed with no BYO.

We are wheelchair accessible.

We have free Wifi.

We use Campos Coffee who we have worked with for many years and have always provided us with exceptional Beans . We use Campos superior  the award winning flagship blend of Campos Coffee. A true Specialty Coffee blend- toffee base with slight fruity highlights. Rich body with a sweet butterscotch finish. Fantastic dimension. Campos Coffee pride themselves on their dedication to ethical business practices and giving credit where credit is due. Three years ago, they felt that credit was well overdue to the farmers who work so hard to produce this award winning coffee we enjoy every day. They also felt it was time they confirmed the background of their coffees. Though most of their coffees do have certification – be it Rainforest Alliance, Organic, UTZ or Certified Fair Trade, they decided to visit every producer to confirm the coffee is being produced ethically and sustainably. http://www.camposcoffee.com campos_logo